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Binghamton Zoo 2nd Conservation Weekend: Oceans & Climate Change

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Binghamton Zoo held its second Conservation Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. This weekend’s theme was Oceans and Climate Change.

All weekend long, the zoo hosted a number of educational activities, games and displays focusing on the weekend’s topic. Kids had a chance to learn everything from how pollution spreads in water to the different ways climate change threatens certain species.

“We want to promote awareness of these topics here at the zoo,” said Ian Jensen, Education Coordinator at Binghamton Zoo.

The zoo also hosted several guest speakers to talk about climate change, including the Southern Tier Solar Works, Roberson Museum, and Binghamton University Professor Julian Shepherd.

Visitors not only learned more about conservation this weekend, they also helped the zoo’s conservation efforts.

“During conservation weekend, part of every ticket sold actually goes to the zoo’s global conservation fund, which is a fund that we build up and raise money for over the course of the year and at the end of the year we donate it to a conservation organization,” said Jensen.

This year’s recipient is the Red Panda Network. The organization is dedicated to promoting awareness of the threatened Red Pandas and preserving the species and its habitat.

Binghamton Zoo will have two more Conservation Weekends this year. The next one will focus on the conservation of pollinators, animals such as bees, butterflies, and birds, and will take place August 11 to 12.

The last Conservation Weekend will take place September 15 and 16 and will focus on the Red Pandas.