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5th Annual John P. Leet Memorial Golf Tournament Kicks Off

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Over 100 golfers kicked off the 5th Annual John P. Leet Memorial Golf Tournament Friday at Endwell Greens.

The three-day tournament raises money for the John P. Leet Memorial Scholarship, which gets awarded to a two Suny Broome students a year through the school's scholarship foundation.

“Today, we’re having a scholarship tournament put on by the Leet family to raise money for our foundation at Suny Broome for the son that they lost a few years ago. This is to commemorate his life and to remind people to avoid opioid abuse that has taken so many lives," said Kevin Drumm, President of Suny Broome Community College.

In previous years, organizers say the tournaments raise over $10,000. John Leet, the father of John P. Leet, says his son's scholarship foundation has raised over $50,000 in total.