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Deposit Softball Focused On Future Not Past

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Deposit softball has been a powerhouse over recent years, especially the last four years. The Lumberjacks have won the last four consecutive state titles and this year, the focus has been to stay the course and not think of their past success.

"We're just going to stay in the game and can't get ahead of ourselves," said Pitcher Makenzie Stiles.

"It's more about this year with us. I said that on the first day of practice, I always say, you guys haven't won anything yet, you're last years state champions and you haven't won anything yet in 2018, so that's where the focus is, on this one season" said head coach Dan Briggs

This year's mindset isn't so much on a repeat for the title, but to simply win. "Obviously we want a fourth win that would be great, but the mentality going into, that stays the same we just got to be focused and work on the little things and if we get it done right, I think we can do it," said shortstop Krya Martin.

Their track record also shows that the Lumberjacks can do it. So, how are they able to have so much success?

"It's just the girls behind me and their hard work," Said Briggs. Does this year's team have what it takes to repeat? Why of course.

"We just have to stay motivated," said Stiles

"Makenzie is obviously doing great in the circle but I think it's our offense that really helps us, 1-9 in the line-up can hit and we can count on every one of them," said Martin.

The Lady Lumberjacks start their run to the championship on Saturday, June 9th at Glen Falls.