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Deposit-Hancock Searches For Their First State Title

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 Deposit and Hancock baseball merged together as one team last season in 2017 and with their second year together as the Deposit-Hancock Eagles, the goal is to of course win the state title.

The irony between both teams merging together is simply the fact that back in 2014, Deposit lost to Hancock in the Section IV finals. The year before that, Deposit beat Hancock in the sectional semi-final. So, how can rivalry teams come together as one? Well, it's actually quite simple. Just ask head coach Brandon Olbrys.

"If you love to teach and you love to coach it's just more kids to have relationships with and teach every day" Said Olbrys.

"Coach Olbrys is a great coach, he tells us a bunch of stories and brings us together and it's really worked" Said Senior Austin Lenio

Stories like? "So, a squirrel, they look for nuts and they keep finding nuts for all winter and they don't ever stop and you just need to have that mentality on a baseball field to keep working hard each day" Said Lenio.

"We're at war with average" is the motto the Eagles came up with last year. In order to surpass average, you need to put in the work and you need to envision yourself being successful.

"This team knew that we could be successful if we just worked hard every day and that was always the main goal in our minds, every game we stuck to our routines and really just visualized our success throughout the year" Said Owen Wormuth.

Visualizing themselves winning their first-ever state title. Right now, they work their way to the state semi-finals, a familiar place for the Eagles as they fell short last season. But, with a different year comes a different plan.

"We just need to play our game like it's an ordinary game" Said lenio.

Olbrys stated, "We just need to have a plan, an approach and be the best we can be and not worry about the outcome as much. However, that's not always easy to do especially when almost everyone worries. But, coach Olbrys believes in his group of guys.

"Our kids are great kids and great kids, great leadership type kids. Everyone has their role and try to be the best they can be at it" Said Olbrys.