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Workers De-Stress With Adoptable Dogs

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The Government Plaza had a few friendly four-legged visitors Thursday.

The Broome County Dog Shelter brought three of their adoptable dogs for Paws on the Plaza. Government employees took a break from their work day to socialize and play with the dogs.

“We chose some really good adoptable dogs that are nice and social to come to Government Plaza and have some of the employees get a break from their day and come out and de-stress with having a nice dog to kind of settle with and comfort and at the same time the dogs are getting some comfort themselves,” said Kelly Conlon, Manager of the Broome County Dog Shelter.

The dogs were on the Plaza’s 2nd floor deck from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Conlon said events like Paws on the Plaza are beneficial to both the shelter and the dogs.

“Some people don’t have time to get to the shelter or find the time to do that so us coming down here - we also do Lockheed Martin, we’re going to B.A.E. next week - so us going to them really helps the exposure of the shelter alone, and also the individual dogs that we bring,” said Conlon.

The Broome County Dog Shelter will also be hosting an open house this Saturday, June 9. The public is invited to come visit and see what the staff and volunteers do. The shelter will also be showing off more of its adoptable dogs.