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Rich David Kicks Off $4.8 Million Street Improvement Plan in Binghamton

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Binghamton Mayor Rich David kicked off the 2018 street improvement plan Wednesday morning, outlining this year’s infrastructure plans for the City.

The $4.8 million plan includes milling and paving, preventive maintenance paving, and full street reconstructions.

“Infrastructure investments are critical to the growth and development of the City of Binghamton. Binghamton is an aging city in the Northeast, it’s infrastructure has been crumbling. If we want to remain competitive, if we want to continue to revitalize and transform our community, we need to make these much needed investments in our infrastructure.” - Binghamton Mayor Rich David

Crews on the City’s West Side are currently reconstructing Lincoln Avenue, installing new water and sewer lines. The project is one of the first of this year.

In addition to Lincoln Avenue, Ely Park Boulevard, Laurel Avenue, North Street and Pine Street are set to receive some attention, ranging from paving to reconstruction.

“Our goal is to come as close as possible to 15 miles of streets in the City of Binghamton. We are optimistic that we’ll be able to get close to that goal because there are 151 miles of streets in the city, and if we do 15 miles a year, over a 10 year period we can address approximately all of the streets in the City of Binghamton.” - Binghamton Mayor Rich David

Sidewalks and curbs are also set to be upgraded in the City to make them compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards, costing $600,000 total.

Underground utility upgrades including new water and sewer lines for many roads will cost a total of $1.3 million.

Funding for these projects come from Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program grants funds, Community Development Block Grant funds, and local capital bond.