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Palmisano To Run For Union Supervisor

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Update: Frank Palmisano has confirmed to FOX 40 that he is indeed planning to run For Town of Union Supervisor. Following the disputes between current Supervisor Rose Sotak and the town board, Palmisano says it's time for a change in leadership.

"It was confined basically to Town Hall. Now the personality disputes between board members and the Town Supervisor is widely publicized to the point where it's costing the taxpayers money," says Palmisano, "This is wrong. It doesn't matter what side you agree with. The victims, the injured party is the taxpayer in the Town of Union."

Palmisano says he wants to focus on correcting the opioid epidemic in the town and bringing in more jobs. If elected, he would seek to better the relationships between police and community members so that the two groups can work together to gets drugs off the streets. 

Town of Union Democratic party leaders say Frank Palmisano will be running for Town of Union Supervisor.

The Endicott democrat lost to outgoing Republican Union Supervisor Rose Sotak in 2014. Sotak told Fox 40 on May 30 that should would not be running for a fourth term one day after councilman Frank Bertoni announced his candidacy.

Bertoni and other board members are named in a gender discrimination and defamation lawsuit that Sotak filed in April after a Broome County judge dropped abuse of authority and misconduct charges against her.