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Police Arrest a Binghamton Man Linked to Downtown Burglaries

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Binghamton Police made an arrest on Tuesday in connection to the Downtown burglaries.

Jeffrey Martin of Binghamton is facing Burglary and Attempted Burglary charges, both felonies. Police said the burglary charge comes from an incident that took place early Tuesday morning. He is accused of forcibly going into the Metro Inter-faith Apartments on Chenango St.,  stealing several large screen TV's and other electronics.

Police said the Attempted Burglary charge is due to an incident that took place early in the morning on May 28. According to police he forcibly went into a private practice law office at 188 Court St. and tried to steal items inside.

BPD said Martin is the only suspect in a few other forced entry burglaries downtown and Church burglaries targeting valuables and electronics. They believe there will be additional charges pending the investigation. 

The Binghamton Police Department has added extra patrols following these incidents, and are still continuing to investigate. If anyone has information you can contact detectives at (607) 772-7080. Police said these burglaries are not believed to be connected to the recent copper thefts on the City's Southside.