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Harpursville Unveils New, Fully-Accessible Playground

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Elementary students in Harpursville were excited about their end of the year gift, Monday, unveiling a new, fully-accessible playground.

With improved safety precautions and added features, the new $135,000 playground caters to all children of all abilities, including interactive wheel-chair structures.

"All children, no matter their physical abilities, are able to get on the play structures and fully participate with their peers," said Michael Rullo, Harpursville  Superintendent.

Funding for the project came from New York State Senator Fred Akshar's office, securing the playground's money in the 2017 State Budget. Akshar said he worked out the details of the playground's necessities alongside Sierra Kulas, who's sons Kalen, age 10, and Kyan, age 7, are both in wheel-chairs due to a terminal spinal muscular disease.

"It's really really huge for us today, to be able to see them be included in play and really feel included," said Sierra Kulas.

Unveiling the new playground alongside her husband, Jared, and others who helped finalize the school project, the Kulas family said they have been waiting nearly two years for this moment. And now that it's finally here, they hope that it brings many more smiles for all the children, for years to come.

"To have equipment they can play with, and the other kids will play with them, you know its just...just the greatest feeling in the world," said Jared Kulas.

According to Kalen and Kyan, this new playground "is great." And their classmates couldn't be happier to play with them.

"I love the playground so Kyan and Kalen can play with other friends to have fun and not just be left out," said Cadence, 2nd grader.