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Racers Show Off Classics At 8th Annual Blast From The Past

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Tri-Cities Airport took a walk down memory lane Sunday at the 8th Annual Blast From The Past classic car show. 

The airport was filled with classic and muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even air crafts. 

Proceeds from the show goes towards the Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome. Not only did it serve as a fundraiser, but it was also a reunion. Drag racers came together to reminisce on the days when they raced at Tri-Cities back in the 1960’s when it had a drag race track.

“We got racers that used to race here all the way from Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania,” said Bob Connelly, Blast From The Past Organizer & Promoter.

According to Connelly, the show drew about a thousand people. 

“This is the first year in four years that we haven’t been rained out, so we have a real good turn out,” said Connelly. 

The show also had a good turn out with the number of cars that participated. 

“We had 189 last time I  looked, and we had some come in since then,” said Connelly.

A car raffle was held giving racers and spectators a chance to win a classic car. Selling tickets for $20 each, the prize for the first place raffle winner was a 1971 Chevy Monte Carlo. 

Connelly said his goal was to raise $10,000 in Sunday’s show.