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Cookie Dough Shop Celebrates Grand Opening at Oakdale Mall

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The cookie dough eating trend... has arrived in Johnson City.
Cookie dough lovers and politicians enjoyed the first scoop at Dough Life's grand opening, at the Oakdale Mall. Dough Life is owned by two Binghamton University grads and has more than a dozen flavors.

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie said independently owned stores like dough life, could have a bigger role in the future of the mall.

 "I don't see it going away. It may become something different. It may not be totally different. But it's a prime piece of real estate. Something is going to be here. Whether it's shopping. Whether it's medical. Who knows. There's future for it and a great future for it."

Dough Life is located near Oakdale Pizzeria, the entrance next to JC Penney.