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Susquehanna Valley Seniors Lead The Pack In Search For A Title

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The Susquehanna Valley girls softball team is getting ready for their regional state playoff game after winning back to back Class B Section IV titles. This season has been special for the entire team, especially the heart of the team, their six seniors.

Every teams goal is almost always to win, but this year's teams goal was to make sure they went further this year in the state playoffs than they have in the past. The past, meaning last year when they won the Class B title but lost in the Regionals. But, another year means another team, however, the leaders of this year's group came in together and will leave together, as seniors, which makes it a little more special.

"I think it's special this year because this is a group that has kind of grown up together and there's a group of seniors that has been together for the last four years." Said head coach Karen Bidwell. Bidwell's coached SV for seven years and in 2007 won the state title during her first year as head coach of the Sabers. This years seniors consist of: Hannah Haskell, Michaela Haskell, Holly Manchester, Sophia Pappas, Olivia G Parker and Shawna Zawiski. All who have their own role as leaders.

An extremely noticeable role has been filled by Senior Pitcher Sophia Pappas, who has helped lead her team to perfection during the regular season, on the mound and at the plate, as she leads by example rather than by voice.

"I'm not necessarily the vocal leader as most people say, a lot of people say I'm really quiet, so I mostly lead by example." Stated Pappas.

"Every one kind of emulates her and I think she's kind of a hero to a lot of the younger kids." Stated coach Bidwell.

When Captain Hannah Haskell was asked, "What it is going to take to seperate yourselves from the other teams?" she simply stated, "We have Sophie Pappas at the mound... and at the plate."

Although the teams intensity starts with Sophia and ends around the field, Karen Bidwell knows that this years team has what it takes to reach their goal."

"We've had a few more wins each year and have gone a little more further each year, so hopefully this is our year to go further than the last years." Stated Bidwell.

Susquehanna Valley plays tomorrow against Christian Brothers Academy at 2:30 p.m. at Union-Endicott High School.