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Protesters Demanding Sen. Schumer To Condemn Israel Violence Force On Palestinians

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About two dozen people of all religious backgrounds stood outside the Federal Building in Downtown Binghamton Wednesday afternoon to deliver a petition to Senator Chuck Schumer.

The peaceful protest is calling on New York Senators to condemn Israel's use of deadly force against Palestinian protesters in Gaza. The petition also calls for the senator to open an independent investigation into Israel's violent actions.

Nine of the protesters delivered the petition directly to Senator Schumer's aide, Joseph Katz

“The US government really needs to take into account the reality of Palestinian people hood, culture, stability, the sheer number of people that have a legitimate right to live in the same area,” said Jim Clune, President of Broome County Peace Action.

Wednesday's protesters hope New York senators join the 21 members of Congress who are against the use of deadly force against Palestinians.

Currently, Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance, receiving $3.8 billion a year in U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons.

 Groups that participated in Wednesday demonstration include the Broome County Peace Action, Broome County Green Party, Ithaca Committee for Justice in Palestine, Ithaca Jewish Voice for Peace, Broome County Veterans for Peace, and the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.