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Community Members Seek To Restore Old Windsor Inn

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A community group is seeking Broome County grant money to continue forward with a feasibility study to find future uses for the old Windsor Inn.

Once the centerpiece of Windsor's downtown, the brick building served as a stop for travelers and a local watering hole.

"It was at the time when a lot of railroads were coming through the village of Windsor," says Broome County Historian Gerald Smith.

Smith says through the years the brick building, dating pre-Civil War, has had a lot of owners and a lot of uses. The Windsor Community Revitalization Organization already owns the building, and is hoping it will have many more lives to come. 

On Wednesday, the group announced it will be applying for a $2,500 grant through the County Executive's Small Community Fund to conduct the feasibility study.

"It needs a complete overhaul," says Jerry Redmon, President of the Windsor Community Revitalization Organization. 

The dream would be to restore it to its glory days as a hotel and tavern, but the group says it would be difficult to secure funding for that project.

"The state doesn't like to give out money for that and certainly we couldn't raise that kind of money here locally," says Redmon.

That's why Redmon says the feasibility study is so important. The group hopes to find ways to restore the structure without losing its historical integrity. 

Some potential uses include commercial and residential. There are currently seven apartments in the building.