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From Tebow's First Step On The Diamond Until Now

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Tim Tebow made the move to play baseball at a competitive level back in 2016 and up until earlier today, he's played 168 games in the minors as he's gone through a few different teams. His baseball career has of course taken him to Binghamton for now, but the question is, what's been the biggest improvement from when he walked on the baseball diamond to now?

"Probably just seeing pitches and being able to decipher them and being able to go after what you want and now just what you see."

"I feel like I'm at my best now so I think that's a good thing and I'm improving in every area of the game and I'm having a lot of fun doing it" Said, Tebow.

Manager Luis Rojas spoke more about his constant improvements out in left field. "I think if we can maximize his ability and translate that first step off the bat, he's going to be a plus outfielder and right now he's holding his own, he's doing a really good job, he's got the coverage that I think an outfielder has playing in left field and he's doing things appropriately." 

But, from his long fought out football journey to his baseball journey, as a thirty-year old, some people would have possibly called it quits by now, but not Tim Tebow.

"I'm just enjoying it every day and loving it, whether it's batting practice, I was in here earlier today, all of those things, you gotta love what you do and I do that." Said Tebow.