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Police: Dog Trapped in Hot Car at Vestal Walmart on Saturday

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Vestal Police confirm a dog was found locked in a car in the parking lot of the Vestal Walmart on Saturday when temperatures reached nearly 90 degrees.

The dog, pictured below, was panting inside of a red SUV when police arrived. A responding officer confirmed the temperature outside was 88 degrees.

Officers confirmed the animal wasn’t injured and had adequate air as the sunroof was left open.

Police say the owner came out of the store while they were assessing the situation. They did not have to make a forced entry into the vehicle.

One eyewitness says Walmart refused to make an announcement over their speaker to shoppers to alert the owner of the SUV.

When Fox 40 reached out to Walmart, they said they have no comment on the incident.

Vestal Police say they spend a lot of time in the shopping plazas when the weather gets warm due to incidents like this.

No charges were filed against the owner of the dog.