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Hiker Identified :Fatal Hiking Accident in Hancock

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New York State Police have identified the hike rafter he slipped off an edge, at the Bouchoux Trail State Preserve. The hiker has been identified as Bartlomieji,Rzemieniecki.  age 24 of Harrison, NJ.

On Sunday around 6:31 p.m. A Deputy from Sullivan County responded to a report that a man had fallen off the Jensen's Ledge, at the preserve. Officials said he was able to find the man, and confirmed he was dead.

Police said the hiker was hiking with two friends when he tried to position himself to get a better photo and then slipped off the ledge. NYS police said he was extricated to a local funeral home on Monday afternoon by NYS Forest Rangers, and the Hancock Fire Department.

Officials are trying to notify the family in the meantime, his identity will not be released.