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Maine Memorial Parade welcomes Three Generations of Attendees

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Maine, N.Y. -

More Fox 40 coverage of Memorial Day in the Southern Tier found some residents in Monday's Town of Maine Memorial Day Parade have been watching the passing vehicles and equipment for three generations.

Living in the Town of Maine most her life, Sandra White said she has been attending the annual Memorial Parade since it's inception over 40 years ago. Now she, her son Robert and her granddaughter Nichole (age 2) are taking in the sites and honoring area veterans together.

"I never miss it. I think we should help our community out, veterans and all," said Sandra White.

Much like Sandra, Robert, and little Nichole, around 100 other residents came out to honor the troops. After the parade, they gathered at Maine Memorial Cemetery as veterans from local chapters played music and read prayers to remember their fallen brethren that bravely sacrificed themselves in the pursuit of freedom.