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Binghamton Veterans Show Support For Fallen Comrades

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For the 151st year, the City of Binghamton saluted those who lost their lives in service at the annual Memorial Day Parade.

Residents lined the sidewalks of Court Street, many sporting veteran hats and shirts. The Kenyons, a husband and wife who both served in the army chat with friend and navy vet Steve Gardner. All three say it's important to them to remember those who went before.

"I was in Vietnam, and there were a few guys that I met over there that got killed and you gotta remember all this," says David Kenyon.

The Kenyons say support is dwindling and it's sad to see many forgetting about the sacrifices of the men and women who laid down their lives in the line of duty. Sophia Kenyon says if nothing else, it's important to remember so that history doesn't repeat itself.

"I mean, look at the crowd, there's not that many here, so it's very disheartening for people to forget those that went before us. It breaks my heart that there's not more recognition of our fallen soldiers and heroes. Both men and women," says Sophia Kenyon.

Others agree and say instead of a day of remembrance, those killed in combat really deserve 365 days of remembrance.

"You know, all these service people we have, who've done a really great job, and so many of them gave up their lives, they deserve to have attention. They deserve to be remembered every day. Not just Memorial Day," says Paul Sents, a veteran of the Coast Guard.

"It tends to be less observed, and I think it's our obligation as well to get the young people to keep it going, because once we're gone, it will be forgotten," says Steve Gardner.

Those who did come out, waived flags and cheered for current and former military members as they marched through the city's downtown.