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Crowds of People Enjoy The 56th Annual Canoe Regatta

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People gathered in Bainbridge for the 56th annual General Clinton Canoe Regatta. There, thousands of people enjoyed carnival rides, food and various forms of entertainment.

"We have a big carnival going on here, we have a youth wrestling tournament going on this morning, we just held a 5k race. There's a music festival tomorrow. There's fireworks tomight and tommorw night. So there's lots of stuff to do" says John Harmon Chairman at the Canoe Regatta.

The most important event duruing the four day celebration is the seventy-mile flat water canoe race, the largest one day race in north America. People of all ages compete in teams, starting with the youth races, leading up to the biggest race on Monday.

""The canoe people are all getting older and there's less young people getting in the sport. The girl scouts are a real important part to try to help us get more interest in canoeing for later down the road to keep this race popular and well attended" says Harmon

Harmon hopes to attract more youth canoers in order to keep the festival going for many years to come.