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Silver Rose Monument Honors Vets Affected by Agent Orange

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A new monument to honor veterans was dedicated Friday morning at American Legion Post 1700 in West Endicott.

The Silver Rose Monument is to honor and remember those affected by the chemical Agent Orange in Vietnam.

During the war, over 22 million gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed, leaving more than 30,000 service men and women affected with health issues.

“It’s not just for us now, it’s for any veteran that died from cancer in the past. We need to get that out there so that they can be honored. It’s just something I can do that will help others.” - Larry Holdredge, President of VVA #896

This monument is to raise awareness for veterans who might not know their sickness is due to Agent Orange and to help them get the help they need.

“Without the awareness, they’re never gonna get their disease treated. Some of these things you can catch early and go on, and if you wait too long then, of course, you’re not gonna live very long.” - Sue Holdredge, AVVA #896

The monument was funded by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo through a fundraiser and Broome County Jason Garnar through the County’s Veterans Fund.

Senator Fred Akshar, Binghamton Mayor Rich David, Village of Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie, and Village of Endicott Mayor John Bertoni were also in attendance.