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It's The Waiting Game For Bearcats Baseball

It's The Waiting Game For Bearcats Baseball

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The baseball team at Binghamton University hasn't exactly had the season that was expected, considering the Bearcats have won three of the last five America East Championships. However, this year they currently sit in the backseat as they have no control over their destiny. The only way the Bearcats can make an appearance in the post-season is if UMBC sweeps Albany and if they don't the Bearcats will pack their bags as their season will come to an end.

Bearcats head coach Tim Sinicki has made quite the impact on the program as he entered this year in his 26th season at the helm for the Bearcats and is the longest-tenured coach at the University. Under Sinicki's leadership the Bearcats have combined 10 conference regular season and tournament titles in the last 11 years, which is the most of any program in the America East.

But, sometimes when expectations aren't met people look for answers and unfortunately in this years case, it's hard to find those answers.

"It's baseball you're going to have good years, you're going to have bad years, good days and bad days, it's just how the ball rolls sometimes." Said senior catcher Jason Agresti,

"It boils down to the fact that we just haven't played consistently good baseball all year... one day we'll go out, pitch fine, play defense and the next day maybe we'll swing the bats a little bit but to have all three phases at one time, we just haven't done it consistently." Said head coach Tim Sinicki.

The inconsistency has unfortunately put Binghamton in the front row of the waiting room.

"Now we just kind of wait and see what happens because a lot can change but we're definitely prepared if our team name gets called." Stated Agresti.

Binghamton travels to Central Connecticut State University this Friday May 18th in which will hopefully not be their last game of the season.