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BREAKING: Assemblyman Crouch Announces Run For Re-Election, Second Time Since April

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UPDATE 2:30 PM: Assemblyman Clifford Crouch announced his run for re-election for the second time since April. Why has he announced his campaign twice? Crouch tells reporters he wants to make sure the public knows he's running.

When Fox 40 asked whether he was aware of the potential primary opponent in Nick Libous, Crouch says he is aware and this second announcement is fueled by that possibility.

"If he does, it is what it is, but that's why I want to make sure people understand that I'm running," says Crouch.

The re-announcement took place in Horton Hardware in Afton. Politicians and GOP chairpersons from three counties gathered to show their support. Crouch has been endorsed by 53 elected officials. Crouch was asked if this was a show of force in a way, sending a message to possible opponents.

"Sure. It's to show a message to all my people that I've got a lot of support," says Crouch, "Which I certainly appreciate. I'm blessed with that."

This would be Crouch's 13th term in office.

9:32 AM: Sources have confirmed Assemblyman Clifford Crouch is announcing a run for re-election for the second time in less than two months.

On Wednesday night, a press release was sent out by Crouch's office, giving a time and place for an "announcement about Assemblyman Crouch's political future." That announcement will take place on Thursday at 1pm, with GOP chairs from three counties on the list to attend.

A tweet from Assembly GOP Leader Brian Kolb confirms this is about a run for re-election. This has also been confirmed to Fox 40 by a source from inside the Broome County GOP.

Crouch already announced he is seeking re-election on April 6th. 

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Below are the press releases for both the upcoming announcement and the first announcement in April.