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PA-NY Joint Interstate Bridge Commission Gives Update on Ten Bridges

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The Pennsylvania-New York Joint Interstate Bridge Commission held its annual meeting Wednesday morning, giving an update on the ten bridges the states share in this region.

The bridges span across New York and Pennsylvania from Port Jervis to Hancock, joining Delaware, Sullivan and Orange counties with Pike and Wayne counties across the Delaware River.

Representatives from both NYSDOT and PennDOT approved plans for maintenance, inspections, and capital projects.

“Some of them are very old, some of them have been replaced and are rather new so they need little work, but the older ones are really jewels. They’re light trust type of bridges that didn’t have to carry much weight, and we find ourselves having to keep them able to handle the modern loads as much as we can.” - Jack Williams, NYSDOT Regional Director of Region 9

New York manages the upper five bridges, and PA the lower five.

  • Interstate Bridge 1: Port Jervis, NY, to Matamoras, PA - Built in 1939
  • Interstate Bridge 2: Pond Eddy - Built in 1904
  • Interstate Bridge 3: Barryville, NY, to Shohola, PA - Built in 2008
  • Interstate Bridge 4: Narrowsburg, NY, to Darbytown, PA - Built in 1954
  • Interstate Bridge 5: Skinners Falls, NY, to Milanville, PA - Built in 1901
  • Interstate Bridge 6: Cochecton, NY, to Damascus, PA - Built in 1950
  • Interstate Bridge 7: Callicoon, NY, to Damascus, PA - Built in 1961
  • Interstate Bridge 8: Little Equinunk Bridge - Built in 1890
  • Interstate Bridge 9: Lordville, NY, to Equinunk, PA - Built in 1992
  • Interstate Bridge 10: Hancock, NY, to Buckingham, PA - Built 1937

Repairs on the ten bridges between April 2017 and March 2018 cost the states between $688 and $22,672.