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School Resource Officer Hired For Broome Catholic Schools

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School districts across the country have been bringing on school resource officers (SROs). The latest officer to be hired in Broome County is for the catholic school system. 

In a letter sent to parents of Seton Catholic Central High School students, administrators say they've contracted a retired police officer through the District Attorney's Office Support For Schools program.

"Having a person like that available for our students is great because they can, he can build relationships with them and they can learn to trust. And if they have concerns they can go and talk with him," says Dr. Elizabeth Carter, President of Catholic Schools of Broome County.

Carter says the SRO is a preventative measure more than anything, giving students another person they can go to for help before a situation escalates. The SRO will be primarily stationed at the high school, but will make the rounds to other schools in the system. 

The District Attorney's Support for Schools program was passed by the legislature in 2016. The program allows school districts to contract officers through the DA's office. This saves money, as the schools don't have to pay benefits. Carter says it also gives them a peace of mind to know they're hiring reputable candidates.