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Legalization of Sports Betting Good News for Tioga Downs

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The Supreme Court ruled Monday to strike down a federal law that prohibited most states from allowing sports betting, and here in the Southern Tier, the ruling is nothing but good news for Tioga Downs.

Owner Jeff Gural told Fox 40 that the casino is interviewing sports betting companies, with hopes to have betting up and running by the time football season comes around.

“Truthfully, everybody bets on sports illegally, so it’s taken a long time but I think this is good for the country, not just Jeff Gural. It’ll produce jobs, tax revenue, and take something that’s illegal in the black market and make it legal.”

First, the casino has to wait for legislation from the state, like what the tax rate will be and just how many companies they’re allowed to partner with.

“Not only would you be able to watch sports, which people do certainly during the football season, but you’d be able to bet on the games. You’d be able to bet in-game betting, prop betting, so it’d be exactly the same as what you have now in Las Vegas.”

Gural said the casino has had trouble being profitable, but things have turned around the last few months. Most recently, the casino saw a large turnout on Mother’s Day.

He added that sports betting will only improve the casino’s profits, and he plans to choose the best sports betting company in the world.