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Ross Park Zoo Celebrates Mother’s Day

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While many moms across Broome County were being treated to brunch or breakfast in bed, some moms enjoyed their Mother’s Day at the Ross Park Zoo. With free admission for mothers, grandmothers, and even pet-mothers, the Zoo gave families a unique way to spend the holiday.

Jackie Peeler, director of the Ross Park Zoo, said the free admission was an affordable opportunity for children to treat their moms to a day out.

“Today is one of more popular days here and I think it’s because we’re celebrating moms. It’s a great opportunity for kids to bring their moms out too. They can afford their admission and they kind of treat Mom to the zoo.” - Jackie Peeler, Director of Ross Park Zoo

Families enjoyed all the wildlife the zoo had to offer, including leopards, coyotes, and penguins. Zoo keepers discussed what motherhood was like for these residents.

“Our panda and our porcupine are mothers here so it’s a fun connection to Mother’s Day. It’s also spring so there are a lot of baby animals born this time of the year.” - Jackie Peeler, Director of Ross Park Zoo

Women of all generations were celebrated today. Grandmother Kathy Haddow took her granddaughter Alexandra to learn more about penguins.

“This was a great way to spend mother’s day. And [Alexandra] is one of my gifts right here. Best gift ever. I just love taking her places and doing things with her. Her mom and dad both work. They don’t get weekends off, so it’s nice to be able to fill in.” - Kathy Haddow

Chenango Forks mom Laura Sehn has been coming to the Ross Park Zoo on Mother’s Day for the past five years. Her ten-year-old daughter Andrea wants to become a wildlife conservationist.

“When I grew up I was a big Jane Goodall fan so it’s exciting for me that she also likes animals and is interested in working with wild animals so it’s fun to bring her out.”