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Watson Students Display Senior Design Projects At Expo

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Binghamton University’s Watson School of Engineering hosted its Senior Design Expo today at the university’s Innovative Technologies Complex. Over 200 graduating students displayed 40 senior capstone projects, which included mechanical, electrical, and computer projects.

Watson students spent one year researching, building, and perfecting their designs. Some students constructed vehicles, drones, and even an exoskeleton constructed from fishing wire to help athletes with a broken ACL move better.

Colin Selleck, who teaches the Senior Design course, said the projects are an important opportunity for students to apply what they have learned throughout their college career.

“This gives them the chance to build something. It’s a conglomeration of all the knowledge they’ve learned in their years of school applied to an open-ended project that doesn’t have a solution. So it prepares them for the real world because that’s what things are in the real world.”- Colin Selleck, Watson School of Engineering

Students were challenged to solve real-life problems posed by engineering firms and larger organizations. One group created a test vehicle for a ‘hyperloop’, a future mode of underground transportation which is already being developed by SpaceX. The most expensive project cost $7,500 although many projects stayed under $1,000.

“We’re on the cutting edge. Our program has grown so much since I’ve been here. We’re well funded, we have a lot of sponsors. We work with a lot of local engineering firms that have projects for us where students enjoy doing them.” - Colin Selleck, Watson School of Engineering