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Sarah Jane Church Hosts Annual Bike Day

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Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church gave out 320 bicycles to children and adults at their 11th annual Bike Day this Saturday. The Southern Tier Bicycle Club provided repairs, restorations, and safety tests for the spruced-up bikes.

Every child received a helmet and tested their new rides in the parking lot of the church. Broome County Transit provided a stationary bus to help teens and adults learn how to attach bicycles to the front of the bus. Pastor Ron Wenzinger said Bike Day is a big draw for families and people of all ages.

“I just love watching a kid who’s never had a bike before pick out one that they think is the right color or looks cool. Just to see their faces when they get on it the first time is fun. Judging from their faces they’re just thrilled. A lot of kids come from families where a bicycle is a luxury they wouldn’t otherwise have.” - Pastor Ron Wenzinger, Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church

Wenzinger said that Bike Day is critical for adults who do not have cars or access to reliable transportation.

“I know some adults that are a regular part of our church community who don’t have transportation and for some of them, bikes are how they get to work as long as it’s not snowing. They’ll ride them year round. It’s a big deal for them because it gives them the freedom and ability to hold a job.” - Pastor Ron Wenzinger, Sarah Jane Church