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American Red Cross Recognizes "Real Heroes" of the Southern Tier

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Heroes. It's a word that's thrown around a lot in conversation, but 20 individuals truly earned that title and their stories were told Thursday morning at the 9th annual Real Heroes Breakfast thrown by the American Red Cross Southern Tier Chapter. These award recipients are ordinary people whose bravery and willingness to act saved lives. 

"It's refreshing to see there's a lot of good deeds happening out in the community, a lot of them will tell you that they don't feel like heroes, that they just did what they needed to do in the moment, which we hear a lot... But they are, they are heroes," says Colleen McCabe, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Southern Tier Chapter.

The honorees range from highway workers who saved two people on Route 81 to a firefighter and neighbors who pulled over 100 cows out of a dairy farm fire in Chenango Forks. 

  • Below is the complete list of recipients:
  • Amanda Kelly - Good Neighbor Award
  • David Brewer - Blood Donor Award
  • EJ Folli, Chris Hand - Workplace Safety Award
  • Lt. Jonathan Fleming - Fire Rescue Award
  • Jennifer Jones, Lila Harris, Sue Shove - Lifeline Award
  • Oliviah Harris-Morris - Good Samaritan Youth Award
  • Jane Whitmore, Jesse Fendryk - Medical Award
  • Thomsa Ellis, Asst Fire Chief Kip Herner, Eric Winsor, Stephen Winsor - Animal Rescue Award
  • Daniel Smith - Good Samaritan Adult Award
  • Trooper Dennis Brown - Law Enforcement Award
  • Steve DiStefano, Tom Bierworth, Wendy Antalek - Education Award