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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney Honors "Super Cooper" on U.S. House Floor

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Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22) spoke on the U.S. House floor Tuesday evening to honor the life of Super Cooper.

Tenney recounted the last month of Cooper Busch's life, from throwing the first pitch at a Rumble Ponies game, to dropping the puck at a Devil's game.

The Congresswoman described the 4-year-old Chenango Bridge boy as spunky, fearless, and an incredible fighter.

"Cooper's enduring spirit and bravery are an inspiration to all of us. Super Cooper's smile, lovable personality, and his zeal to live each day to the fullest, no matter how challenging, no matter how much time we are allotted on this very dear earth, will be his eternal legacy to all of us. May Super Cooper rest in peace." - Congresswoman Claudia Tenney

Super Cooper passed away on Sunday in the arms of his parents after battling acute myeloid leukemia for most of his life.

To view the video from the U.S. House floor, click here.