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Windsor Teacher Wins State Excellence in Teaching Award

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It was quite the surprise for one Windsor High School teacher, Tuesday, when he attended a routine school budget meeting, only to find out that he was being celebrated as the recipient of the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Award.

Scott Symons, a teacher of American History and Micro-Economics, has been with the Windsor District since 2003. And today he was shocked to be presented the prestigious award alongside a $5,000 stipend, which he can spend freely.

"I had zero clue, not at all. It's awesome," said Scott Symons.

When asked how he decided to become a teacher, Symons pointed out his father, Bill Symons. "He was a vice-principal and a physical education teacher." Seeing what his dad had become, and the relationships he built with the young men and women over the years, led Scott to where he is today.

Windsor's Principal, Jeff Salasny, said Symons is a model teacher. He followed by saying that seeing Scott educating students is an "artwork to watch him masterfully conduct his class."

Scott Symons concluded the award ceremony by stating that he will be spending the rest of his night with his son and family. And may even share his $5,000 with his fellow Windsor teachers.