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BU Students Design Solar Powered Charging Station

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You've seen the cell phone charging stations. They're in airports, coffee shops, and at colleges. At Binghamton University, a new charging station has just been put up on campus and it's completely solar powered. Students can now charge their devices using renewable energy. 

"The solar panel recharges our battery bank, which powers everything," says Jack Beiderman, an engineering major and one of the students who designed and built the charging station. 

The charging station was part of a senior capstone project. A group of engineering students worked for two semesters, perfecting the design and wiring it up. The system tracks the sun's position and rotates the solar panel to face the sun, gathering the most energy possible at any time of the day. 

"I'm someone who's very passionate about sustainability," says Beiderman, "I'm currently pursuing a career in that field, so this was a great opportunity for me to not only learn about how solar panels work, but to actually get hands on experience wiring up an electrical power system."

The station can charge four devices at once.