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Department of Education Seeks Input on Student Data Privacy Law

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The New York State Department of Education held a public forum at Broome Tioga BOCES Monday night, seeking input on the “Student Data Privacy Law” (Education Law 2-d).

A representative from the Department of Education met with parents, teachers and other stakeholders to gather information and answer questions from the people working closest to the law.

The privacy law, passed in 2014, protects the privacy of personal identifiable information of students, teachers and parents.

The department is planning to make fourteen stops across the state to hear from educators and families since new regulations are going into effect in 2019.

“What the regulations will do will address certain things that the law directs the Chief Privacy Officer must do. One is to seek input to develop additional elements of the parents bill of rights, this is a list of rights the parents have as it pertains to their child’s P.I.I. - Personally Identifiable Information - and we’re hoping the public forums also brings out the public and other stakeholders to give us some input as to how they are impacted every day by the law and what things we need to consider as we draft regulations.” - Tope Akinyemi, Chief Privacy Officer at NYS Education Department

Monday’s forum was the one and only in Broome County. Last week the department visited Rochester and Buffalo.