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Tioga County Focusing on Shared IT Services to Lower Costs

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Since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo enacted the 2018-19 budget, counties across the State are doing their part to extend Shared Services in order to lower costs for taxpayers.

Monday, the Tioga County Shared Services Panel held a public hearing to discuss the current agenda of consolidating Tioga's Information Technology (IT) department with local municipalities. 

According to Douglas Camin, Director of IT for Tioga, his department would begin sharing services with bordering towns and villages that include; phone systems, desktop computers, important software, copiers and printers, etc.

Camin said municipalities in Tioga that utilize the service could see a result of 10-20% decrease in IT tax levies. And every dollar saved will add up for taxpayers.

"Within [Tioga] County there will probably be a small, but noticeable, difference in their tax levies," said Douglas Camin.

Another public hearing on shared services is scheduled for Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. If the proposal of shared services is finalized, it will be submitted for approval by the Tioga County Legislature on August 1, 2018.