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JADA Hill: A Stop On The Broome County Farm Trail

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Senator Fred Akshar and members of the Cornell Cooperative Extension kicked off this year's Broome County Farm trail this weekend. One of its destinations, JADA Hill Farm in Deposit, invited guests to play with their goats and learn about their goat milk products. 

The Broome County Farm Trail is an initiative that allows Broome County residents to explore a series of farms and farmers markets around the county to learn more about agriculture and its role in the Southern Tier. Dawn Alfano, the owner of the 50-acre JADA Hill Goat Farm, said the trail is a great opportunity for guests to explore farms they otherwise would not know about. 

"The Broome County Farm Trail gets our name out there. They get used to our products. We get feedback from our products and invites us to do more and more. In turn, people become very educated by the farmers. It's inviting people to come look at the day to day of what happens on a farm." - Dawn Alfano, JADA Hill Farm

Children were able to play with goats and chickens and learn about the animals. They were given free pumpkin seeds to have pumpkin plants in the fall. Guests could also see the farm's bee hive and learn how their fresh honey is made.

"We enjoy it, we love having people come to the farm. We enjoy what we do so when people come and enjoy seeing it and learning and getting excited about it, that's what we like. The kids like coming here and playing with the goats and they don't realize how much they're really learning." - Dawn Alfano, JADA Hill Farm

Other participating farms on the trail include the NYALA Alpaca Farm and the Sugar Creek Maple Farm in Vestal. For more information, please visit the www.ccebroomecounty.com or www.facebook.com/broomecountyfarmtrail.