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Lyme Conference Expects More Attendance As Cases Increase

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As cases of lyme disease increase across the state, and particularly in the Southern Tier, the annual Lyme Conference sees a growth in attendance. With Saturday's conference marking its fourth year, the event is put on by Southern Tier Lyme Support Inc, a non-profit run by individuals personally affected by the disease.

"The first step is education and awareness of tick-borne illnesses and then prevention. How can we stop ourselves from being exposed?" says Margaret Leone-Smith, Founder and President of Southern Tier Lyme Support Inc.

The conference brings in attendees, vendors, and speakers from all over the country. Doctor Bob Giguere is an expert in lyme testing, and is a guest speaker at the event. He says the testing can't keep up with all the different strains of lyme. False-negatives in lab results are a big contributor to lyme going untreated.

"False negative is the most dangerous test result you can get. Because then you go off looking for something else. And we need to get better testing, but it's just hard and the bug keeps advancing," says Giguere, Director of Hygenics Lab in California.

The conference will be held from 7am to 7pm at the Innovative Technologies Complex at Binghamton University. Online registration is now closed, but there are still seats available at the door.