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SUNY Broome Students Practice Skills During Mock Disaster Drill

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SUNY Broome held their annual Mock Environmental Disaster Drill Friday afternoon, giving students a first-hand experience when it comes to saving lives.

For the drill’s seventh year, the mock disaster was a tornado hitting a wedding. Over two dozen volunteers played the injured.

“A lot of people got injured, some fatalities. We had a lot of people trying to help them, get them in the hospital, and get them what they need.” - Courtni Brienza, First Year Criminal Justice student

Students from a variety of fields got to participate, from nursing students and medical assistants to criminal justice and EMS.

“You can do a lot in a classroom but in fields like this hands-on is always a lot more helpful. They’re working with patients, they’re performing the procedures that they’re gonna do when they go out into careers.” - James Sheerin, Criminal Justice/EMS Assistant Professor

Chenango Fire, the Tioga County Health Department, and Broome Ambulance assisted the students.