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Fraternity Suspended for Hazing, Cornell Reforms Greek Life

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Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack announced widespread reforms to Greek life the same day the university decided to uphold a three-year suspension of the Sigma Nu fraternity for numerous hazing violations.

In a May 4, 2018 letter to the campus community, Pollack said the prominent role fraternities and sororities have played in campus life has been tarnished over the years by hazing and other misconduct, referring to the most recent cases as "extremely disturbing" 

“This misconduct threatens the health and safety of our students and casts a shadow over our community of scholars,” Pollack said, noting that this behavior includes “extremely coercive, demeaning, sexually inappropriate and physically dangerous activities that jeopardize students’ health and lives. — Martha E. Pollack, President of Cornell University

Effective immediately:

– A minimum three-year suspension for confirmed cases of hazing, which includes forced alcohol or drug consumption, sexual misconduct, or other physical or mental abuse.

– No hard alcohol at any time at fraternity and sorority chapter houses

By fall 2018:

– The university will publish an online scorecard that will include the history of each chapter. This will be updated each year and shared with the campus community and parents of all students.

This is not the first time the school's administration attempted to clean up Greek life. In 2012, then-President David Skorton announced a series of phased-in reforms after a student died in an alcohol-related hazing incident in 2011.

You can read Pollack's entire address here.