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National Day Of Prayer Recognized In Broome County

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Broome County residents took to the court house lawn to pray together. Similar events happened across the country as part of the National Day of Prayer.

"I always say, let's start with ourselves, not cast things at other people, let's just start with ourselves and then pray for those who are in authority from the President right down through the various places of office, so I think it's unique that we do this," says Dino Pedrone, Chancellor of Davis College.

The day was first recognized in 1952, when it was endorsed by President Harry Truman. Now, over 60 years later, local faith leaders, politicians, and community members joined together to appeal to a higher power to bring change and peace to our country. 

"It's almost a hopeless world in a lot of cases, but God is still able to change things and help us lord to walk right," says Dennis Spatol, a deacon at First Assembly of God in Binghamton.

Broome County also issued a proclamation designating this day as not only a National Day of Prayer, but specifically a Day of Prayer in Broome County.