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Broome County Dog Shelter Looking For Homes For Puppies

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For the first time in close to two years, the Broome County Dog Shelter has a litter of puppies up for adoption. 

On March 16, their mother Molly, a stray brought in to the shelter from the Town of Union, gave birth to four boys and three girls.

Those interested in being new parents to the puppies can complete and submit an application at the shelter starting May 4. Meet and greet times will then be scheduled to visit the puppies. 

"Hopefully, they’ll all get adopted on the adoption day. We’re hoping to really get them out of the door on the same day which would be the 11th into the weekend," said Kelly Conlon, manager of the Broome County Dog Shelter. 

After posting photos of the puppies on social media, Conlon said the shelter has already received over 10 calls asking about them. 

It's to no surprise that these puppies will have an easy time finding a home, so Conlon wants to remind those looking to take a home a new best friend to consider the other dogs at the shelter who are also looking for their forever family. 

“We have a great group of dogs right now for adoption. We have a couple long termers that are still here waiting and then we have a lot of new ones that have just become available as of Friday too," said Conlon.

The Broome County Dog Shelter's adoption fee is $225, and it includes the spay and neuter, microchipping, worming, vaccinations, and a care package.

For more information, you can call the Broome County Dog Shelter at (607) 778-2493 or visit their website at www.gobroomecounty.com/shelter.