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Slavic Festival Celebrates Traditions

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Hundreds of people enjoyed Slavic foods, music, and dancing at the Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Church in Binghamton this Sunday. The 8th annual Slavic Festival celebrated the traditions of immigrants from Eastern Europe that settled in Broome County.

Robert Suflita, choir director for the Holy Spirit Church and said he is proud to celebrate his Slovakian heritage with cuisine and community.

“We are continuing the proud traditions of our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, many of whom came from Eastern Europe and settled in the Northeast. They decided to start churches and practice their religions freely in the United States.” - Robert Suflita, Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Church

Guests enjoyed traditional foods like pirohy, kolbasa, and halushky, with draft beer, cakes, and breads. A live Polka band played Slovakian tunes while people bought raffles and children enjoyed games and face painting. Tours were given of the 75-year-old church.

“Part of it is the community and the way we're hopefully reaching out to people in our area and showing them what we are all about. We want to show them what our ancestors were about and what we hope to continue in the future.” - Robert Suflita, Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Church