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Windsor Student Tackles Hunger With Annual Knight Pack Walk

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Windsor Junior Alexis Green has been tackling the issue of hunger for six years. She collected her 80,000th food item Sunday afternoon at the fourth annual Knight Pack Walk in Valley Park.

Green founded Knight Pack, an organization that helps students battle food insecurity, in response to a growing need for food in the community. Green said she felt the need to collect weekend meals for Windsor students that do not receive school lunches on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I saw the need not only in the the whole entire world but in my community specifically, of hunger. So I really felt that I needed to help kids in my own community, not just help kids in other communities. It’s really a big deal here at home.”

Green collects donations which she then gives to guidance counselors to ensure the anonymity of recipients. Green received the Sodexo Youth Grant, which she has used to buy food and tote bags for students to bring home donations.

“The goal is to keep it going for as long as possible, well after I graduate. I thank everyone who comes and supports this. People don’t realize how much they do, it’s really a big deal.”

Over 50 people attended the walk and donated 672 food items and $820. Green and her family donated prizes for raffles.

“It feels so rewarding to have this many people show up to such a great event to help so many people.”

Please visit Knight Pack's Facebook page for more information about donations and future events.