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Twelve Graduate From Warehouse Training Program's First Class

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The first class from the Opportunity Impact Warehouse Training Program graduated Friday morning at Broome-Tioga Workforce.

The class of twelve completed the three-week training throughout the month of April.

The program was divided into two halves, soft skills training like communication, math, and team building, and hands-on training like how to drive a forklift and work other machines.

The graduates will head into warehouse jobs at companies like Amrex Chemical, Maines Food & Pantry Warehouse, and Willow Run Foods.

“This is a new training model for us. In the past, we would hold training classes and folks would be responsible for going out, securing their own job. The difference with this training program is that these graduates today are guaranteed a full-time job upon graduation.” - Sara Liu, Executive Director of Broome-Tioga Workforce

John Riveras of Endwell, one of the program's graduates, said the 3-week course wasn't as tough as he first thought.

“It wasn’t that long, it was tedious, repetitious, but it was fun."

Riveras lost his job in July of 2017, and at 52, he struggles to keep up with job seekers with more skills.

“It’s really hard to get a job nowadays. Not having the skills that you actually necessarily need, the schooling you have to have, I mean, this teaches you everything.”

He didn't know what options were available to him until he heard about the Opportunity Impact Warehouse Training Program. Riveras is now heading into a full-time position at Amrex.

“It’s the perfect opportunity so I went, started everything up, went through it, came out unscathed. It was actually a nice experience.”

The program is now accepting new applicants to the next session with a deadline of May 18th. To apply, call 607-778-6499.