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Greater Binghamton Sports Hall Of Fame

Greater Binghamton Sports Hall Of Fame

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The 4th Annual Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner took place tonight at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Downtown Binghamton.

15 individuals including coaches, athletes, managers, etc. were all honored and remembered for being local sport legends.

The 2017 Hall of Fame consisted of:

Chris Coleman, Doreen Denmon, Jason Goldman, Mark Gumble, George Herrick, Richie Karl, Bill Kenville, L. Frank Little

Tom Mitchell, Frank "Sarge" Sorochinsky, Edward W. Stack, Michael Starke, Charlie Tarricone, Rndy Will, and Tom Yelverton.

Inductees such as Jason Goldman and Tom Yelverton expressed how much of an honor it is to represent sports in such a positive way in front of the community they grew up in. Jason Goldman is a Maine-Endwell Alum where he won the 1993 State Wrestling Championship for M-E AND went on to become a World Champion Wrestler.

Goldman stated, "It's pretty fantastic. Like I said to be inducted with a lot of these guys from all different levels, from the professional to the Olympic level. We all come from different back ground so it's cool to be inducted with this class."

Susquehanna Valley Alum Tom Yelverton was a four time state champion as a pole vaulter, first person to jump 16 feet as a high school athlete in New York state history and also won Athlete of the Year in 1980. Yelverton stated,"It's truly an honor it really is. To be surrounded by these athletes and outstanding people. It's wonderful for me and it's wonderful for the community."

It's certainly wonderful for a community that has really found ways to bring the community together by using the medium of sports.

"I think our community has come a long way. You look at Maine-Endwell's little league program winning the World Championship. The parades, the association with the community when it comes to their willingness to embrace all of the athletes. I think it's a wonderful thing." Stated Yelverton

Another legend in sports is of course former New York Knicks player Earl "The Pearl" Monroe, who was the guest speaker at the induction dinner. When I asked him if there were going to be any inspirational words or sayings he said "No inspirational words, I think for the most part I just want to talk about me. So, if people can find a little inspiration in that so be it." 

Although Monroe told me he doesn't know much about Binghamton, he was happy to have the opportunity to come here and share his love of sports. Earl Monroe told me that "sports in general brings people together. No matter what walk of life you're in you can always connect with one another through the medium of sports. Being a sports person throughout all the years. I made a lot of connections a lot of friends and that's what its all about." Stated Monroe.