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Underage Drinking Prevention Poster Contest names Winner

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Alcohol is the #1 abused drug among youth in the United States, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year around 5,000 teenagers lose their lives to underage drinking.

Local high school students teamed up with Lourdes, Mirabito and other Stop DWI affiliates for the 3rd annual Broome County Poster contest, competing for the chance to have their artistic creations showcased at local stores and help focus on ending underage drinking, especially during prom and graduation season.

Monday evening, a winner was chosen from among the 17 schools in the Broome County District, and presented with $200 in gift cards, as well as a certificate of achievement from County Executive Jason Garnar.

The 2018 poster winner, was 10th-grade Cheyenne Stinson from Chenango Forks High School.

Her poster consisted of a forked-path that read "life" and "death." A choice, Stinson said, that many students have to make when offered alcohol under the age of 21.

"I want [students] to see that really anyone can go down the wrong path. So, I think that you should choose the right decision," said Cheyenne Stinson.

Stinson's poster will also be featured on coolers throughout local Manley's Marts.

An advocate for alcohol prevention in youth, Drug Free Communities (DFC), claims that 90% of addiction issues start in the adolescent years. And getting the attention of local high schoolers with the poster contest could very well save the life of a student.