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Nanticoke Valley Historical Society Hosts Unveiling of New Historical Marker

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Maine, N.Y. -

The Nanticoke Valley Historical Society in Maine, NY hosted the unveiling of their newest historical marker for the ca. 1830 Grist Mill known as Pitcher's Mill Monday evening.

Pitcher's Mill is an old water power grist mill, using massive millstones to grind grain into feed or flour. At one time the mill had three sets of millstones and had a grinding capacity of between two and three tons of grist per day.

"The bonds of community are so strong and our history is so rich and so deep, that buildings like this and the story that they tell are absolutely critical to determining who your community is, its personality, its reason for being," said NCHS Trustee and tour guide, Lucas Kaczynski.

The mill was built in 1830 by brothers Daniel Slosson and Henry Belden and closed in 1955.