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Animal Adventure Park Throws Birthday Bash For Giraffe Tajiri

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Before he was even born, Tajiri stole the hearts of millions as people around the world followed his mother April's lengthy, live stream pregnancy, waiting for her to give birth.

Dozens came out to Animal Adventure Park Sunday morning to celebrate giraffe Tajiri's first birthday. Another 16,000 others joined the celebration virtually by watching the party live through the park's Giraffe Cam.

Tajiri is the calf of famous giraffes Oliver and April. On April 15, 2017, more than two million viewers from all over the world tuned in to watch April give birth, making her the world's most watched giraffe. Today, the video of Tajiri's birth has 15.3 million views.

“The world to be standing by watchng and tuning in from birth to his first birthday, we never anticipated that."

— Jordan Patch, Owner of Animal Adventure Park

The park's staff decorated the giraffes' barn with birthday banners and balloons. Guests were also served refreshments and birthday cake. The staff made Tajiri a special birthday cake made out of his favorite foods - carrots and lettuce - which he blissfully ate as he was sung 'Happy Birthday.'

Becoming a viral sensation, this giraffe family brought 200,000 visitors to Animal Adventure Park in 2017.

“To the immediate community, we’ve increased our staffing, we’ve been able to expand our park, we’ve been able to add more programing for the local community. But in a larger, scale we’ve been able to really emphasize giraffes and their need for conservation," said Patch.

Animal Adventure Park will open its doors May 16.