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SUNY Students Take on Law Enforcement Recruits

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SUNY Broome students took on law enforcement recruits in a race for good.

About 30 youngsters raced from Front Street to an obstacle course across Broome County Sheriff's Office Friday afternoon, joining the new recruits on their training program.

The race began on the sidewalk of Front Street, went up the hill on Van Winkle Drive, behind the college and up another steep hill. The race didn't end there: the obstacle course known as 'confidence course' was on rough terrain complete with wooden walls and truck tires to jump on, over and through.

One SUNY Broome student liked feeling what the recruits experience.

"It just showed me that there's a lot to train for and it was fun! It was good to see what the recruits are doing and how everyone for the cause is coming together to do this."

The small fee of $4 per runner was donated to the BCC Foundation for the W.W. student scholarship fund.

The weather finally helped, as it was a warm 70 degrees and sunny when they finished the race.