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NYSDOT Celebrates Opening of Rt 434 Greenway Trail

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The New York Department of Transportation celebrated the opening of Phase I of the State Route 434 Greenway Trail in Binghamton today. 

Regional Director Jack Williams was joined by Mayor Rich David in the ribbing cutting ceremony on Binghamton’s southside. 

The new pathway provides a safe way for pedestrians to travel to different areas of the city. People can walk, jog, and ride bikes without coming into contact with oncoming traffic. 

"Just historically, from minor to very major incidents have taken place over several decades when it comes to the vestal parkway and people crossing the streets, so now we have a very safe, well-lit thoroughfare for people to cross the parkway to get to the southside and to downtown where you do not come into contact with vehicles." — Richard David, Mayor of the City of Binghamton

According to Mayor Rich David, this is the first time in Binghamton where the city has received a total of $60M for a state project. The money is not only for the 434 Greenway Trail project but also the Route 363 Transportation project on the opposite side of the South Washington Bridge.